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Anaesthesia is an important part of the surgical procedure and ensures a complete absence of the sensation of pain during the operation. Anesthesia is performed with high-quality anesthetics to minimize the risk of side effects.

Анестезіологія в Білій Церкві

Anesthesiology in Bila Tserkva

It is impossible to perform surgical interventions without effective and adequate anesthesia. Anesthesiology is a branch of medicine, which studies principles and peculiarities of providing vital functions of the body before, during and after operations. Doctors of the Department of Anesthesiology in Bila Tserkva, working at the CBS apply modern and effective methods of anesthesia in preparation and performance of required surgical manipulations.

An anesthesiologist is a doctor, who ensures a patient's safety at all stages of surgical treatment by preventing or reducing the body's response to trauma and impaired functions. Thanks to progressive methods of anesthesia, the most complex surgical interventions in neurosurgery, cardiology, pulmonology, gynecology, urology, proctology, etc. are now possible.

Types of Anesthesia

The anesthetics used at the CBS are of the highest quality and certified, which minimizes the risk of side effects after general anesthesia such as:

When do you need an anesthesiologist consultation?

An anesthesiologist works with the patient on the eve of the operation. He/she finds out if there are any contraindications, selects and proposes the optimal type of anesthesia. At the preoperative consultation with the anesthesiologist it is important to inform the patient about any chronic diseases and medications (in particular, hormones that affect blood clotting, anti-inflammatory, analgesic drugs, etc.).

Indications for anesthesia:

Anesthesiologists consider the use of anesthesia if the patient has a particular psycho-emotional state (excessive excitement, fear); there are disorders and mental illnesses. When there are contraindications to local anesthesia (e.g., allergic reactions to anesthetics), general anesthesia is performed.

Contraindications to anesthesia:

In each case, the doctor decides on the use of anesthesia individually. The anesthesiologist accompanies the operation, monitors the general condition of the patient, the work of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. If after the surgery all indicators are in the normal range, the patient is transported to the ward under the supervision of the attending physician.

What are the responsibilities of the anesthesia?

In anesthesiology, comprehensive monitoring of the patient's condition and the collection of diagnostic information play an important role. The anesthesiology clinic is equipped with modern equipment for anesthesia, circulatory systems and equipment for temporary replacement of functions of individual organs. Anesthesiologists are provided with everything they need for continuous monitoring of the changes in vital signs in response to anesthesia and the development of reactions to the surgical intervention being performed.

In the process of controlling blood circulation, gas exchange, metabolism during anesthesia requires anesthesiological monitoring and evaluation of the indicators determining the depth of anesthesia, as well as parameters of hemodynamics, external respiration, thermoregulation and neuromuscular transmission.

Anesthesiology uses the following monitoring tools:

Anesthesia support allows us to accurately dose inhalation and intravenous anesthesia agents, manage the patient's condition and maintain the required depth of artificial sleep at different stages of surgery. Monitors automatically record and store all parameters recorded during anesthesia.

Our Advantages

  1. The use of modern anesthesia equipment and patient monitoring systems.
  2. Anesthesia by highly qualified specialists.
  3. The use of reliable and safe anesthetics.
  4. Minimal risk of side effects.
  5. Staying in comfortable rooms in the postoperative period.


If you are going to have surgery, the qualified surgeons and anesthesiologists of Bila Tserkva at CBS Clinic will make sure you feel as safe and comfortable as possible during all stages of treatment, from examination and diagnosis to surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation. Call to make an appointment for a consultation, to find out the cost of anesthesia and its specifics.

Licenses and Certificates

Сертифікат ISO 9001-2015 UA229123

Certificate ISO 9001-2015 UA229123

Сертифікат ISO 9001-2015 UA229123 (ENG)

Certificate ISO 9001-2015 UA229123 (ENG)

Сертифікат ISO 9001-2015 UA229124

Certificate ISO 9001-2015 UA229124

Ліцензія № 282410

License № 282410

Свідоцтво "Лідер галузі у медичній сфері"

Certificate "Industry Leader in the Medical Sector"

Диплом переможця всеукраїнської премії "Герої малого бізнесу 2021"

Diploma of the winner of the All-Ukrainian award "Heroes of Small Business 2021"


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