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Speech Therapy Classes

Difficulty in pronunciation of certain sounds, mimicry, pronunciation defects - these are disorders that can interfere with good communication and learning. Specialists who use effective methods to deal with speech impairments can help you deal with these problems.

Speech Therapy Classes in Bila Tserkva

Even innocuous speech disorders in a child (lisp, pronunciation defects, etc.) can interfere with good communication and learning, as well as lead to the development of complexes. Such disorders of varying severity are found in 70-80% of children. Speech therapy sessions for children in Bila Tserkva are conducted by speech pathologists and speech pathologists. You can find qualified specialists in this field at CBS.

Speech therapy classes are special lessons aimed at forming correct pronunciation, developing the ability to perceive and reproduce speech, as well as monitoring your own speech and the speech of others. Classes with a speech therapist are corrective and educational in nature and are based on a holistic approach to the problem.

A speech therapist examines the causes and types of speech disorders, determines how to correct speech defects, and selects the most effective techniques and means for correct speech development. A speech therapist is a specialist with knowledge in medicine, pedagogy and psychology.

For What Speech Therapy Classes Are Needed?

Consultation with a speech therapist is necessary to identify the causes of speech disorders and to build a competent and effective plan of work with a child with a speech impairment. At CBS, all sessions are supervised by a specialist to avoid incorrectly performing the exercises.

Symptoms indicating the necessity to visit a speech therapist are as follows:

A speech therapist is needed for conditions such as dyslalia:

Speech therapy sessions with children are also important in cases of speech impairment in cerebral palsy (dysarthria, facial paresis, hypersalivation) and in systemic speech impairment in autism spectrum disorders.

Contraindications to speech therapy classes

There are no age contraindications to speech therapy sessions with children, but behavioral features of the patient that interfere with speech therapy work may occur. In this case, it is recommended to prepare for further lessons after a number of corrective procedures: sensory integration, hardware methods, work with a psychologist.

Preparation for Speech Therapy Classes

When diagnosing a child, the speech therapist talks to the parents, examines existing medical records (including those of a neurologist, psychiatrist and paediatrician), assesses the child's visual and hearing abilities and general physical condition. During the initial consultation, the child's intellectual, physiological, age-related and other parameters are checked.

During the examination, the doctor determines:

For school-age children, there are express tasks to diagnose dyslexia, dysgraphia and other disorders.

Speech Therapy Classes Types

CBS offers individual lessons with a speech therapist, group classes and speech therapy.

Speech therapy sessions include:

Speech Therapy Classes Procedure

The atmosphere at CBS Clinic is far from that of a hospital room. The speech therapist's work is based on a constant change of activities: tasks at the table, games and mobile speech therapy exercises. The work of the speech therapist is based on a constant change of activities: tasks at the table, games, mobile speech therapy, and speech therapy exercises. This dynamism allows for a good result without overwork.

Speech therapy sessions with older children are of a targeted nature: development of the air stream, articulation exercises, etc., so they require more concentration and diligence.

The duration of such speech therapy lessons depends on the age of the child, the objectives of the correctional work and the individual characteristics of the patient. As a rule, one session lasts 30-40 minutes.

Advantages of Speech Therapy Classes at CBS

  1. Highly skilled Speech Therapists, they are very experienced.
  2. The procedures are non-invasive and safe.
  3. The use of modern techniques.
  4. The use of modern equipment.
  5. Integrated system approach to each patient.
  6. Affordable cost of speech therapy classes.
  7. Speech correction in children and adults.

We work successfully with complex disorders, provide assistance to the child, and give practical advice and recommendations to parents. Parents are welcome to attend all sessions.


Speech therapists and speech pathologists are responsible for correcting speech defects. If you have complexes and low self-esteem due to speech impairment, a visit to a psychologist may be recommended.

You can get comprehensive help and start speech therapy in Bila Tserkva at CBS Clinic. We guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of correctional work, thanks to the experience and high qualifications of our specialists. To make an appointment for a speech therapy session, call one of the phones listed on the website.

Licenses and Certificates

Сертифікат ISO 9001-2015 UA229123

Certificate ISO 9001-2015 UA229123

Сертифікат ISO 9001-2015 UA229123 (ENG)

Certificate ISO 9001-2015 UA229123 (ENG)

Сертифікат ДСТУ ISO 9001-2015 UA229124

Certificate ISO 9001-2015 UA229124

Ліцензія № 282410

License № 282410

Свідоцтво "Лідер галузі у медичній сфері"

Certificate "Industry leader in the medical field"

Диплом переможця всеукраїнської премії "Герої малого бізнесу 2021"

Diploma of the winner of the All-Ukrainian prize "Heroes of Small Business 2021"


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