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Modern treatment of diseases of the bronchopulmonary system. Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the respiratory system. Consultation by experienced pulmonologists. Special rehabilitation program for the treatment of post-cochlear syndrome.


Pulmonology is the field of medicine that studies diseases of the respiratory system, their diagnosis and forms of treatment. At the moment, diseases of the lungs and other respiratory organs occupy the leading position in the world in terms of prevalence and mortality, so pulmonology has a close relationship with intensive care, intensive care and rehabilitation medicine. For the treatment of diseases in the field of pulmonology you can visit CBS, a full-service clinic, where you will receive a complete package including respiratory treatment and rehabilitation, as well as moral support.

A pulmonologist is a doctor whose speciality is the treatment of all types of respiratory diseases. A qualified pulmonologist can be consulted, treated and rehabilitated at CBS. Timely treatment of the disease under the supervision of a competent specialist will allow the sparing treatment and avoid severe complications. If you have already suffered from the disease, you can have a high-quality recovery following proven protocols and using the latest techniques. The clinic is dedicated to recovering from a coronavirus infection.

When is it time to see a pulmonologist?

Symptoms you should see a pulmonologist about:

  • difficulty breathing, choking episodes;
  • recurrent laryngospasm;
  • COVID, postvoid syndrome;
  • pus in the sputum, including various clots;
  • difficulty breathing with certain smells, fluctuations in air temperature;
  • sputum with streaks of blood or a deep pink tinge;
  • dry or wet cough, which is accompanied by weakness and fever;
  • blackouts in the lung area detected by fluoroscopy;
  • prolonged feeling of irritation in the upper respiratory tract;
  • chest pains with coughing fits, exacerbated by strenuous physical activity;
  • smoking and working in a hazardous environment are good reasons for an annual check-up in the pulmonology department of the CMC clinic.


What does a pulmonologist treat? He/she specializes in treating bronchopulmonary and other lower respiratory diseases.

You should consult a pulmonologist at all stages of illness. It is necessary to see a doctor both in the acute and chronic phases of the disease.

Illnesses that are treated by a pulmonologist:

  • COPD
  • Apnoea
  • Pleurisy
  • Pneumonia
  • Emphysema
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Lung cancer
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Lung abscess
  • Postcoid syndrome
  • Respiratory failure
  • Asthma, bronchial asthma
  • Hydrothorax, haemothorax
  • Lung involvement of systemic disease
  • Pneumonitis caused by toxic substances
  • Obstructive bronchitis with poor sputum production

Uncomplicated breathing with fever, lethargy, dehydration and cyanosis can be considered emergency conditions.

Examination methods in pulmonology

The diagnosis of diseases of the respiratory organs includes a wide range of examinations, among which:

  • X-rays - a radiodiagnostic technology in which a static image of the lungs is obtained;
  • computed tomography - a method that allows you to diagnose a neoplasm in the organ;
  • pleural puncture;
  • fluoroscopy - provides an examination of the organ with broadcasting the result on the screen in online mode;
  • pneumometry - examination of exhalation velocity;
  • pulmonary angiography;
  • spirometry - assessment of respiratory rate;
  • bronchoscopy - an endoscopic procedure that allows you to penetrate the bronchi to take biomaterial for analysis and administer medicine;
  • ultrasound of the pleura.

Biomaterial tests will be prescribed to make a diagnosis at an appointment with a pulmonologist:

  • allergy tests;
  • sputum bacteriological analysis;
  • clinical blood test;
  • genetic mutation analysis, etc.

The initial examination by a pulmonologist also includes: physical examination, auscultation, percussion, pulse oximetry. In case of prolonged cough with suspicion of association with other diseases, the patient is prescribed gastroscopy and electrocardiography.


Treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases includes both conservative and radical pulmonology methods. The pulmonologist may refer the patient to other specialists for further investigations if the disease is outside his or her area of expertise - for example, tuberculosis or cancer.

Medication Treatment

  • antibacterial therapy;
  • mucolytic drugs or anti-cough medication;
  • anti-inflammatory therapy;
  • endoscopic administration of antiseptics;
  • antispasmodics, cholinoblockers to eliminate bronchospasm.

Instrumental Treatment

  • warming;
  • electrophoresis;
  • bronchoscopy;
  • pleural puncture with fluid drainage and medication.

After treatment, restorative procedures are carried out to help improve the patient's quality of life.

A number of new questions have recently come to the forefront due to the changing epidemiological picture around the world. How to recover from a coronavirus infection? What tests and examinations are necessary? What is the state of a person's body in the post-convulsive period?

Most people who have had COVID-19 need rehabilitation. The lungs are the main target organ of the disease. It is in the lungs that changes develop in the post-covid period and last from a few weeks to a few months. Pulmonary fibrosis or atelectasis may develop, followed by respiratory failure. CBS treats patients who have had a coronavirus infection, for whom our pulmonologists have developed a comprehensive rehabilitation programme.

Prevention Measures

The prevention of respiratory diseases includes:

  • hardening;
  • smoking cessation;
  • breathing exercises;
  • observance of personal hygiene rules;
  • observance of the parameters of humidity in the room;
  • the use of respiratory protection when working with hazardous substances;
  • physical activity (swimming, walking, sports);
  • a balanced and nutritious diet.

Our Advantages

  1. CBS is a full-service clinic.
  2. Our specialists have a high level of professionalism, allowing us to make a quick and accurate diagnosis.
  3. We use effective treatment and rehabilitation methods for diseases of the respiratory system.
  4. We have achieved great success in the treatment of coronavirus infection as well as post-covid syndrome (thanks to the development of a special rehabilitation programme).
  5. Make an appointment for a consultation with a pulmonologist by telephone, seven days a week.
  6. Affordable prices and a loyalty programme.
  7. Positive reputation of the clinic and a large number of good references.


Are you looking for a pulmonologist? CBS is a team of professionals with a medical degree and many years of experience. In our Clinic, you can make an appointment with a pulmonologist for consultation and further treatment. You can find out the cost of a pulmonologist's consultation by telephone or on our website in the relevant section.

Licenses and Certificates

Сертифікат ISO 9001-2015 UA229123

Certificate ISO 9001-2015 UA229123

Сертифікат ISO 9001-2015 UA229123 (ENG)

Certificate ISO 9001-2015 UA229123 (ENG)

Сертифікат ISO 9001-2015 UA229124

Certificate ISO 9001-2015 UA229124

Ліцензія № 282410

License № 282410

Свідоцтво "Лідер галузі в медичній сфері"

Certificate "Industry Leader in the Medical Sector"

Диплом переможця всеукраїнської премії "Герої малого бізнесу 2021"

Diploma of the winner of the All-Ukrainian award "Heroes of Small Business 2021"


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