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Autism Treatment

Treatment for children with autism is based on an understanding of the individuality, complexity and continuity of the therapeutic approach. We use a variety of methods to treat autism in children, create individualized treatment regimens and involve parents in the treatment process by teaching them specialized techniques.

Лікування аутизму у дітей в Києві

Autism Treatment in children

Autism is a condition that results from developmental disorders of the nervous system and is a communication and emotional disorder. Autism is part of a widespread group of conditions characterized by deficits in social interaction and communication - autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Treatment of autism in children at our clinic will help to correct the child's behavior and adapt him or her to social life.

Autism classification

There are two types of disease classifications in the world:

  • the International Classification of Diseases ICD10, where forms of autism are listed under the code F 84.0 to F 84.9;
  • the American Сlassification DSM-V, where all forms of autism are grouped as «Autism Spectrum Disorders».

Forms of autism are conventionally divided into mild and severe.

Causes of Autism. Aetiology and pathogenesis

Although there is no exact, scientifically proven cause of autism in children, studies show that the disorder is genetic. However, its development depends on social factors, the environment, infectious diseases, etc. Thus, we can identify some of the main non-genetic causes of autism in children:

  • improper nutrition and impaired metabolism;
  • ingestion of heavy metals or neurotoxins;
  • disorders of motor development, brain activity;
  • stress, overexertion caused by the pace of life.

Most often a combination of different factors, such as genetic predisposition and the action of a microorganism during intrauterine development, leads to the appearance of ASD.

Symptoms and signs of Autism

Children with autism do not look any different from other children. But it is harder for them to make contact and they may not talk at all for a long time.

Most children show symptoms of autism by the age of 3. The most common way to talk about autism in the following cases:

  • deficit in language comprehension;
  • abnormal body posturing or facial expressions;
  • repetitive movements;
  • inappropriate social Interaction, not engaging in play with peers;
  • problems with two-way conversation;
  • no reaction on own name.

It is almost impossible to describe the typical behavior of a child with autism, as the disorder manifests itself differently in each case. But it is possible to point out a few signs that indicate the need to see a doctor:

  • aggression;
  • movement coordination difficulties or walk on eggshells;
  • poor speech development (lagging behind peers);
  • a tendency to play alone or lack interest in toys;
  • problems with communication, isolation;
  • hypersensitivity to noise, light, clothing, smells, etc.

Complications that can be caused by Autism

Autism in a child can lead to some difficulties in his/her adult life. The consequences of autism can manifest themselves in learning, social life, starting a family, and choosing a profession.

In some cases, if the symptoms of autism are pronounced and no therapy is provided, social isolation and depression may result.

Autism Diagnostics

Diagnosis of autism in children is a complex examination that includes the Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale (ADOS), the ADI-R and ABC Autism Diagnostic Interview, The Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (CHAT), the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) and the Autism Assessment Checklist (ATEC).

In addition to the above questionnaires, an instrumental examination is necessary. Its purpose is to exclude comorbidities and make differential diagnoses. Electroencephalography (EEG) allows the detection of seizure activity - epilepsy may be accompanied by symptoms similar to those of autism, seizures are characteristic of Rett syndrome and some other forms of autism. Imaging techniques (ultrasound, MRI) are needed to identify organic changes in the brain that may be the cause of the symptoms. Consultations with narrow specialists (surdologist, neurologist, psychiatrist) are prescribed to rule out other illnesses.

Autism Treatment in children

There is currently no cure for autism. But the development of a child with autism and the quality of his or her life can be significantly improved if corrective measures are taken in time and the living environment is properly organized.

Correction of childhood autism includes work on behaviour and communication skills, medication, and a biomedical approach (healthy diet, use of nutrients).

In our Brain Stimulation Center we use modern equipment manufactured by the leading manufacturers. For example, Reamed-Polaris (for TCMP procedure), Synchro-C (for BAC procedure), Tomatis Besson, Tomatis Besson Interacoustics (Denmark) (for Tomatis diagnostics), Braintest encephalography, barochamber, oxygen concentrators Biomed 7F-5 (Ukraine) and ReOxy (Germany), etc.

Autism Treatment results

The effect of autism treatment depends on the severity of the condition. It is clear that the lower the intensity of the symptoms, the easier it is to achieve good results. But in any case, the earlier help is sought, the more likely it is to achieve a full recovery in the shortest possible time.

Autism Prophylaxis

There is no prophylaxis for autism.

Advices and Recommendations

First of all, you need to choose the centre for autism treatment, where qualified specialists will explain that childhood autism is not completely cured, but with the right approach it can be successfully corrected.

The key to successful rehabilitation of children with autism is a comprehensive approach to treatment, accompaniment by a speech pathologist, a psychologist, and parents who will take care of the child and will be attentive. Specialists advise parents to remember a few simple rules that will help correct their child's autism:

  1. Create a clear routine for your child and don't break it.
  2. Do not drastically change your child's environment or habits.
  3. Don't scold or punish your child.
  4. Make sure your child gets regular physical activity.
  5. Do not allow your child to become overtired.
  6. Be patient and don't rush your child when he is doing something.
  7. Communicate with your child and spend time with him or her as often as possible.
  8. To teach your child the right skills, do repetitive activities (e.g., constantly repeating how to brush your teeth with your child).
  9. Talk to your child often to build rapport. Hold and cuddle your child at an early age.

Which specialist does treat Autism in children?

Autism in a child is treated by a psychotherapist and psychiatrist. If necessary, the doctor may ask for an additional consultation with a physiatrist, massage therapist, neurologist or speech pathologist.

Advantages of Autism Treatment at CBS

Our Centre provides treatment for all types of autism: Kanner syndrome, Asperger's disease, Rett syndrome.

Effective treatment of autism in children involves determining the type of disorder, as this allows us to determine the necessary type of correction. The competent specialists at our Centre have a wealth of experience working with the disorder and will be able to diagnose your child correctly.

Treatment of autism is based on an individual approach, comprehensiveness and continuity. We use different methods of treatment of autism in children, make up individual treatment regimens and involve parents in the treatment process, teaching them special methods of work.


Сертифікат Козубенко Ольга Геннадіївна

Certificate Olha Hennadiyivna Kozubenko

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Certificate Olha Ivanivna Selezneva

Сертифікат Чернова Оксана Василівна

Certificate Oksana Vasylivna Chernova


Морозова Ольга 09.09.2020


Лечение аутизма у детей

Хочу выразить благодарность Халевич Юлии Александровне! Очень доступно объяснила особенность нашей ситуации с ребенком - аутистом. Оказала максимальную поддержку. Дала четкие рекомендации, как нам теперь с этим жить и какие у нас перспективы. Вызвала доверие и дала надежду.

Татьяна 29.07.2020


Лечение аутизма у детей

Спасибо доктору Черновой Оксане Васильевне, замечательный специалист, доктор от бога. Но к сожалению услуги клиники стоят не мало... не всем по карману.

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Лечение аутизма у детей

Наблюдаемся у коррекционного педагога, врача дефектолога Довгань Марии Викторовны уже три месяца. Каждым визитом очень довольны. Только положительные эмоции от посещения. Мария Викторовна - очень внимательный, грамотный врач, профессионал своего дела. Ситуация с аутизмом у ребенка очень тяжелая. Но мы не сдаемся! Мария Викторовна располагает к себе и вызывает доверие. Занятие с ребенком проводит всегда с особенной аккуратностью, периодически проводит специальное тестирование и по результатам корректирует лечение. Очень быстро нашла подход к нашему сыну. К нашей ситуации всегда относится с пониманием, оказывает нам максимальную поддержку и дает дельные советы, как нам реагировать на различные ситуации с ребенком. Кроме того, Мария Викторовна - просто душевный и приятный человек в общении. Не знаю, как бы смогла сохранить спокойствие без постоянного общения с нашим доктором. Будем наблюдаться только у нее и рекомендовать своим знакомым.

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Лечение аутизма у детей

Хочу сказать огромное спасибо Черновой Оксане Васильевне за чуткость, профессионализм, внимательное отношение и заботу! Спасибо Вам за Вашу помощь и сочувствие!!!

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Лечение аутизма у детей

Хочу выразить благодарность клинике "Центр Стимуляции Мозга", особенно прекрасному специалисту Слабоденюк Олегу Викторовичу. Очень внимательный, чуткий и опытный врач. Всегда может поддержать пациента и родителей даже в очень сложных ситуациях, чем настраивает на положительный настрой в лечении. Все подробно объясняет сразу чувствуется большой опыт и профессионализм! Большое спасибо!

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