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High-Intensity Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is a completely safe and revolutionary technology that allows you to achieve therapeutic effects deep within the tissue. This method is ideal for the treatment of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system from the most superficial, to the inmost.

Високоінтенсивна лазерна терапія

High-Intensity Laser Therapy

High-Intensity Laser Therapy, or HIL-therapy, is a unique and innovative technology that allows painless effects on human tissues and organs with a high-intensity laser.

A high-intensity laser is a portable device, equipped with a display and automatic protocols, with a power of 500 mVt or more.

Mechanism of Action of the High-Intensity Laser

The super high-power laser is ahead of today's technology. Because the pulse penetrates deep into the tissue, this technology allows even the most serious pathologies to be treated. High-intensity laser treatment is compared to microsurgery, but incisions, punctures, and lengthy recovery can be avoided.

How Does High-Intensity Laser Work?

The signal penetrates deep into the tissue (up to 10 cm) and has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. High-intensity therapy not only reduces pain, but also affects the source of inflammation while improving the function of cartilage muscle tissue, nerve endings, and blood vessels.

Despite high power, the high-intensity laser does not harm the surrounding tissues. The procedure is fully controlled by a specialist and can be stopped at any moment. And the risk of mechanical trauma and burns is minimized.

Indications for High Laser Therapy



High-Intensity Therapy helps in the treatment of the following diseases:

Contraindications for High-Intensity Laser Therapy

HIL Therapy should be avoided if:

Also during pregnancy, pulmonary insufficiency, hemorrhagic conditions, malignant tumors, fever. Do not perform the procedure on the head and heart site.

Laser Therapy Procedure

In the treatment of chronic pain, it is recommended to undergo a course of 6-10 procedures with a frequency of 2-3 times a week. In some cases, 10-15 procedures are required. In acute situations, the therapy is performed daily, preferably 4-6 repeated procedures. The duration of one procedure of high-intensity laser therapy is 2-15 minutes. The process is painless, with a slight sensation of warmth.

Effects of High-Intensity Laser Therapy 

Biostimulation Mechanism

Biostimulation refers to the ability to biologically stimulate tissue to grow and repair at the cellular level. The monochromaticity and coherence of the laser radiation allow parameters and mode of operation to be adjusted with high precision. The 810 / 980 nm and 1064 nm wavelengths have an active effect on chromophores, which allows for maximum therapeutic effect without undesirable irradiation of other areas.

Penetration Deep Depth

The optimum ratio between the depth of penetration and the absorption of radiation guarantees effective stimulation of tissues and pain receptors at a depth of up to 12 cm. High-intensity laser therapy is a fast and effective way to treat the problem area without side effects.

Quick and long-lasting relief from pain

The use of a laser with a wavelength close to 1000 nm in extremely short pulse mode gives BTL high-intensity laser technology completely new therapeutic characteristics. This is the ability to create mechanical waves in the tissue. Passing through the surface of the skin, the laser radiation creates a photomechanical wave in the tissue. This mechanical stimulation of nerve endings and other pain receptors in the subcutaneous layers immediately blocks the leading pathways of the nervous system, eliminating pain.


The mechanical waves locally stimulate microcirculation and promote lymphatic drainage of the affected area. By combining biostimulation and photomechanical stimulation, the high-intensity laser provides accelerated tissue healing and is a powerful tool for immediate pain relief, and is not addictive.

In which cases the High-Intensity Laser Therapy will bring the maximum effect?

The most common indications for the use of intensive laser therapy are the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (including acute forms), rehabilitation after surgery and trauma, dermatology, orthopedics. Among them are:

Advantages of the High-Intensity Laser Therapy

  1. Fast treatment result.
  2. Immediate elimination of pain sensations (result after 1 session).
  3. Non-invasive application, so that tissues are not traumatized and there is no risk of infection.
  4. Productivity and increased efficiency. Compared with a low-intensity laser, a high-intensity laser takes less time to deliver the same amount of energy to the biotissue. At the same time, the laser light penetrates deeper. This speeds up the recovery and healing of muscle and bone tissues.
  5. Technical characteristics of the BTL-6000 High-Intensity Laser 12W. This system of high-intensity laser therapy has several unique advantages: deep tissue penetration with up to 12W continuous output, selectable wavelength, a pulsed mode for rapid pain relief, the precise definition of the zone of influence, auto-calibration of the laser, etc.
  6. Safety of procedure. Before the procedure, the doctor and the patient wear protective glasses that protect the eyes from laser radiation, preventing damage to them.
  7. It is possible to combine high-intensity laser therapy with other physiotherapeutic methods (very often it is prescribed in combination with shock-wave therapy).

An important advantage of laser therapy is that treatment is performed without hospitalization. At the same time, the patient quickly recovers his or her ability to work and returns to his or her usual way of life.

At the place of interaction with the high-intensity laser, blood circulation is stimulated and metabolism improves, blood supply and tissue regeneration are restored, especially in those areas that are poorly supplied with blood.

Advantages of Treatment at our Center 

  1. The positive result already after the first session.
  2. Long-term effect of the therapy.
  3. Using only new, safe, and unique for Ukraine equipment.
  4. Competent specialists, who constantly improve their qualifications.
  5. Usage of only modern treatment protocols, which meet Ukrainian and international standards of medical care.
  6. High level of responsibility for the quality of medical services and preservation of patients' personal information.

«Center for Brain Stimulation» like most modern clinics in the world, uses high-intensity laser therapy to treat a whole range of diseases and recommends it to patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Qualified doctors at our clinic will help you undergo a course of high-intensity laser therapy as comfortably and effectively as possible.

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ISO 9001-2015 certificate UA229123 (ENG)

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ISO 9001-2015 certificate UA229124

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