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Botulinum Toxic Therapy

Muscle disorders, tremors, spasms and nervous tics in children are conditions that require binding consultation with a neurologist. After a full examination and assessment, the specialists of Clinic CBS will advise you on how botulinum therapy can help your child and improve his/her quality of life.

Botulinum Toxic Therapy for Kids in Kyiv

Botulinum toxic therapy is a method of treating diseases of the nervous system that manifest themselves as muscle spasm, autonomic disturbances and pain syndrome. Botulinum therapy has been used in neurology for more than 20 years, proving its safety and effectiveness. Today, specialists at the Center for Brain Stimulation successfully use Botulinum Toxic Therapy for children in Kyiv to normalise muscle tone in cerebral palsy and other pathologies of the nervous system. The treatment shows high results in neurorehabilitation and has no health consequences for children.

At CBS, you can book an appointment with a paediatric neurologist to find out how botulinum therapy can help your child and improve their quality of life. Our botulinum toxin specialists are trained and certified in the use of botulinum toxin type A, as well as trained in dosage selection and injection techniques.

Botulinum Toxic Therapy Indications

Botulinum toxin is a drug that blocks neuromuscular transmission. In modern neurological practice, such drugs ("Botox", "Dysport", "Xeomin", etc.) are successfully used in the treatment of spastic pain syndromes, hyperactivity of the transverse striated musculature and sphincter muscles.

Today, botulinum toxins are actively used in neurological practice in more than 60 countries. 

Injections of the drug have been shown not to have the same adverse effects on the body as muscle relaxants. The neurotoxin blocks the transmission of the impulse from the nerve fibre to the muscle, without provoking any health risks for the child.



Botulinum toxin therapy for cerebral palsy is widely used throughout the world. Botulinum toxin type A injected into the child's spastic muscles reduces muscle tone and increases the amount of active movement. The drug also stops the development of persistent musculoskeletal contractures and hip dislocations.

Botulinum Toxic Therapy Contraindications

Botox treatment is best postponed if the child has respiratory infections, as well as episodes of fever for 2 weeks before the procedure. This will help reduce the immune load and maximize the results of the procedure. All contraindications to botulinum therapy are evaluated by the CBS physician during the consultation.

Preparation for Botulinum Toxic Therapy 

Therapy with botulinum toxin is carried out after consultation with a neurologist and orthopaedist. It is necessary to identify the indications for botulinum toxin therapy and calculate the dose of the drug. The doctor determines the objectives and forecasts the effect of the treatment, locates the target muscles and draws up a plan for further rehabilitation.

During the consultation, the neurologist examines the child and conducts tests of large motor functions. Parents are given full information about the particularities of botulinum therapy for children and the expected effect of the treatment, and recommendations are given for further rehabilitation care of the child.

Procedure Steps

If botulinum toxin therapy is indicated, the dosage is calculated. The doctor also determines the target muscles - the points of intramuscular injection of the neurotoxin. The botulinum toxin is injected directly into the muscle that needs to be treated for hypertonicity. The duration of the procedure, therefore, depends on the number of target muscles.

The botulinum toxin type A is injected using an insulin syringe. An important advantage of botulinum toxin treatment is the long-lasting effect of a single injection. The result is directly dependent on the correct injection point, the chosen dosage and the exact hit in the muscle.

The specialists at the Centre for Brain Stimulation have the necessary knowledge and extensive experience of botulinum toxin therapy in children with nervous system disorders. The treatment takes place in a supportive, relaxed environment that reduces the stress levels of both the child and the parents.

Botulinum Toxin Therapy Results

 How does the effect of the BTA drug appear? How long does the effect of the drug last? These questions are of particular concern to the parents of our patients. It should be noted that the stretching and softness of the injected muscles become noticeable almost immediately after Botulinum Toxin Therapy.

No treatment is performed for 14 days after botulinum toxin therapy. About 2 weeks after injection a neurologist should be consulted to evaluate the treatment and possible side effects. In the 3rd week, physical rehabilitation begins, taking into account the changed muscular condition (Kinesio taping, physical therapy, massage, joint work, staged casts). This significantly increases the amount of movement previously inaccessible to the patient because of spasticity. Muscle soreness from stretching, which might have been present in the past during physical therapy sessions, is eliminated. A sustained effect of the treatment is achieved within 3-4 weeks. The effect of botulinum toxin lasts at least 4 months (sometimes up to 9 months).

Our Advantages

  1. Comprehensive diagnostics for even the most complex conditions, a thorough physical examination of the child, a detailed anamnesis.
  2. The possibility to make an appointment for botulinum therapy over the phone or online, choosing the most convenient time to visit CBS.
  3. Comprehensive services in a full-service medical centre.


To get a consultation with a paediatric neurologist and start treatment, please fill in the form on our website for a call-back. You can also contact our Call Centre on the telephone numbers indicated to obtain comprehensive information on botulinum toxin therapy procedures and the cost of services. Both residents and other cities can undergo botulinum therapy.

Licenses and Certificates

Сертифікат ISO 9001-2015 UA229123

Certificate ISO 9001-2015 UA229123

Сертифікат ISO 9001-2015 UA229123 (ENG)

Certificate ISO 9001-2015 UA229123 (ENG)

Сертифікат ISO 9001-2015 UA229124

Certificate ISO 9001-2015 UA229124

Ліцензія № 282410

License № 282410

Свідоцтво "Лідер галузі у медичній сфері"

Certificate "Industry leader in the medical field"

Диплом переможця всеукраїнської премії "Герої малого бізнесу 2021"

Diploma of the winner of the all-Ukrainian award "Heroes of Small Business 2021"


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