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Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a type of anxiety disorder. They are characterized by sudden attacks that are accompanied by various vegetative symptoms and a feeling that something terrible is about to happen.

Що робити при панічних атаках?

What to Do in Panic Attacks?

Panic attacks are a type of anxiety disorder. They are characterized by sudden attacks that are accompanied by various vegetative symptoms and a feeling that something terrible is about to happen. The attack develops and peaks in a few minutes, lasts no more than 10-20 minutes, and then passes instantly. This problem exists as an independent panic disorder or is a sign of another mental illness or pathology. If you want to get rid of this severe and depressing condition, contact the specialists at the Centre for Brain Stimulation. They will diagnose you, explain what to do when you have panic attacks, and prescribe treatment. Only progressive diagnostic and treatment methods are used here.

Panic Attacks Classification

Depending on the dominant manifestations, a panic attack is:

The main types of panic attacks are:

Panic attacks can be:

Panic Attacks Etiology

Panic attacks are triggered by physiogenic, biological and psychogenic factors. More often than not, it is triggered by several triggers at the same time. In this case, one is the main one and triggers the primary attack, while the others trigger subsequent episodes of attacks.

The psychogenic causes of panic attacks include:

Biological triggers include various hormonal imbalances associated with the onset of sexual activity, taking hormonal drugs, menopause, abortion, pregnancy, childbirth or menstrual disorders (dysmenorrhoea, oligomenorrhea). Episodic paroxysmal anxiety, resulting from hormone-induced neoplasms, hypo- and hyperthyroidism, cardiac abnormalities, depression and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), also manifests as panic attacks. 

Physiogenic causes of panic attacks:

Panic Attacks Pathogenesis

The triggering mechanism and development of panic paroxysms are due to the release of adrenaline and the onset of a cascade of reactions that are characteristic of the state of being in danger. Activation of all the body systems necessary for self-protection is manifested by:

It is not uncommon for the first attack to develop in the underground, in a public place, on an aeroplane, while driving a car, etc. Once the attack is over, the sufferer develops a fear that the same thing will happen again in similar situations. The person starts to concentrate on their emotions and negative thoughts which leads to increased fear and therefore relapses.

Panic Attacks Symptoms 

Among the first signs that may indicate the development of mental and behavioural disorders, experts point out:

People who have previously had depressive and anxiety-phobic disorders are at risk. The current epidemiological situation in the world can also lead to this state of depression and increased anxiety. It is noteworthy that some of these symptoms are characteristic of the clinical picture of COVID-19.

Signs of a panic attack are characterized by:

On average, the symptoms of a panic attack last about 15 minutes, but the attack itself lasts between 10 and 60 minutes. The peak is most often observed at 5-10 minutes. After the episode is over, there is a feeling of emptiness or brokenness.

Common signs of a panic attack are:

Following a paroxysm, there is usually rapid urination. Gastrointestinal symptoms such as belching, epigastric pain and discomfort and nausea are less common in panic attacks.

Cognitive deficits in many patients:

Almost always the first panic attack triggers fear of death. Some develop an affective state because of it. Sometimes the anxiety-phobic component of the attack is replaced by feelings of despondency, hopelessness, desolation and self-pity. Less frequently, panic disorder is accompanied by aggression towards others.

Possible neurological symptoms:

Abortive paroxysms may recur several times a day, while expanded ones may not occur more often than 1-3 times a week. The frequency of attacks varies.

Panic Attacks Complications

If left untreated, panic attacks lead to a significant reduction in quality of life and restriction of social activities.

The consequences of panic attacks include:

First Aid in Panic Attacks

First aid for a panic attack requires

If you have a seizure, you should:

If severe, call for emergency assistance.

Pain Attacks Diagnostics

A comprehensive psychological assessment and personality type examination is needed to deal with attacks. A panic attack test and other questionnaires are available for this purpose. If a panic attack occurs systematically, the patient will be given additional diagnostic tests. If necessary, a psychiatrist, neurologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist and other relevant specialists are consulted.

Pain Attacks Treatment

To treat panic attacks, the patient needs to work together with a neurologist, psychologist and/or psychiatrist. He / she is taught methods for self-control during panic attacks and breathing exercises that counteract hyperventilation and its effects. Psychotherapy is given as needed.

The treatment plan may include:

Pain Attacks Prevention Measures

Preventing panic attacks is about removing triggers. To do this, it is recommended to:

Who Does Treat Pain Attacks?

Is panic disorder interfering with your life and taking away all your energy? The specialists at the Centre for Brain Stimulation can help you find out how to cope with panic attacks and provide effective treatment using internationally recognised methods. You will be given an individual therapy scheme, taking into account the severity of panic attacks, the dominant symptoms and the presence of background diseases. You can make an appointment to see a doctor by contacting our Call Centre.



Светлана Николаевна 02.11.2021


Панические атаки

Я переболела ковидом в тяжелой форме. Реанимация, дыхательный аппарат... Все уже позади, но после болезни я впервые столкнулась с паническими атаками. Куда идти я не знала, и подруга посоветовала мне Центр Стимуляции Мозга на проспекте Василия Порика дом 13-Б. Записалась на прием к психиатру Братанич Григорию Дмитриевичу. Это очень внимательный врач и хороший человек. Он дал мне много отличных рекомендаций, и я все выполняла. Количество приступов уменьшилось, они стали не такими продолжительными и интенсивным, я научилась быстрее приходить в себя и правильно относиться к происходящему. Буду работать над собой дальше и верю, что при помощи такого опытного врача у меня все получится. Наблюдаюсь у Григория Дмитриевича дальше и очень довольна ним. Клиника замечательная. Нет очередей и хамства, уютно, цены нормальные. Тут можно пройти курс лечения и по поводу болей в спине, от которых я страдаю уже давно. Спасибо вам за ваш профессионализм и терпение! Ведь с такими беспокойными пациентами как я работать непросто.

Николай 14.10.2021


Панические атаки

От панических атак я страдаю давно. Стыдно бывает даже, ведь я же мужчина. Решил попробовать побороться с ними и обратился в клинику ЦСМ. На прием попал к Дорошенко Анне Евгеньевне. Результат есть. Надеюсь, что будет еще лучше. Анна Евгеньевна, спасибо вам.

Мария Н 20.08.2021


Панические атаки

Братанич Григорий Дмитриевич, я очень благодарна вам! Клинику ЦСМ на п-те Василия Порика дом 13б мне посоветовала знакомая, которая тоже лечилась от панических атак. Григорий Дмитриевич очень внимательный. Он научил меня как себя вести во время приступов паники, объяснил почему они появляются и как можно быстрее справляться с ними. Я прошла курс психотерапии, массажа, иглоукалывания и биоакустической коррекции. Приступов почти нет! Клинику и своего любимого врача я рекомендую всем!

Людмила Игоревна 10.05.2021


Панические атаки

Спасибо психиатру Шейгас Светлане Викторовне за помощь! Панические атаки мешали мне работать, а я работаю с людьми. Обратилась в Центр Стимуляции Мозга и прошла курс лечения. Психиатр научила меня разным техникам, я ходила на физиопроцедуры и количество приступов значительно уменьшилось. Светлана Викторовна очень внимательная и опытная. Буду рекомендовать ее и клинику всем!

Игорь 29.04.2021


Панические атаки

Дорошенко Анна Евгеньевна, благодарен вам за ваш профессионализм! Я служу в армии, за плечами зона боевых действий. Появились панические атаки, и они очень мешали. Обратился с этим в клинику ЦСМ. Анна Евгеньевна назначила мне курс разных процедур, которые я проходил в клинике. Все на высшем уровне. Результат явный! Рекомендую!

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