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Neuralgia is the peripheral nerves disorders that are characterized by pain episodes in the area of the nerve excitation.


Neuralgia: Symptoms and Treatment

Neuralgia is the peripheral nerves disorders that are characterized by pain episodes in the area of the nerve excitation. Unlike patients diagnosed with neuritis, patients with neuralgia have no motor or sensory problems, and the problem nerve has no change in structure. Neuralgia can affect any nerve, but most often, it appears in the nerves that run in the narrow canals.


There are several classifications of neuralgia. The simplest of them divides peripheral nerve lesions according to the concentration of the problem:

The most common type of pathologic process is trifacial disorder. Slightly less common are neuralgia of major or lesser occipital, ninth cranial nerve, lingualopharyngeal nerve, and other types of medical problem.

Also, neuralgia is divided in:

There is wandering neuralgia that disrupts important body processes - speech function, swallowing reflexes, chewing, coughing, digestive and cardiovascular system function.

Causation of Disease

As a rule, Neuralgia appears as a complication of various injuries (even the most minor), infections, severe forms of colds. Also, the causes of neuralgia may lie in hypothermia, age-related changes, intoxication, and metabolic disorders. There is also a division of the causes of Neuralgia according to localization.

Causes of Neuralgia According to Localization

Occipital Nerve Disorder:

Facial Nerve Disorder:

Sciatic Nerve Disorder:

Glossopharyngeal Nerve Disorder:

Signs of neuralgia depend on which part of the nerve has been injured. Specific pain occurs both when the nerve trunk is injured and when the unnatural process is concentrated in the nerve fibers, the areas where the nerve leaves the spinal canal, and the soft tissues that surround the nerve.


The ends of the nerve fibers are equipped with receptors whose task is to transmit information to the spinal cord and brain about the organs and life-support systems. When any part of the nerve is squeezed or irritated, the information is distorted and pain occurs. If there is a pathogenic process in the body, the disease (neuralgia) begins to progress much faster.

Clinical Manifestations

Common symptoms of neuralgia are pain in the form of attacks, which are accompanied by vegetovascular disorders (reddening of the skin, lacrimation, etc.). Less frequently, neuralgia is manifested by a painful tic or pain of a continuous nature that recedes only after taking painkillers.

Symptoms of neuralgia also depend on the localization of the nerve injury:

Symptoms of Neuralgia in Children

Neuralgia Characteristics in Pregnancy

In pregnant women, neuralgia is most often diagnosed in the 2nd or 3rd trimester. This is explained by the processes that occur during this period in the body of the future mother - an increase in fluid (swelling, compression of nerve endings), the uterus increases in size, the diaphragm rises. The consequence of the latter two processes is a decrease in the space between the ribs, increasing the risk of intercostal neuralgia. Also, neuralgia in pregnancy may provoke: a weakened immune system, bad habits (even if they were present only before conception), late treatment / neglect of treatment for infections, hypothermia, stress, intense physical activity.

Neuralgia in pregnancy requires hospitalization.

Features of the development of neuralgia in children

With timely detection of neuralgia in children, treatment is easy, without painful procedures and further unwanted consequences. But to prescribe quality treatment, the doctor needs a complete picture of the disease, information about the lifestyle of the mother during pregnancy and the child from birth. Untreated / undiagnosed neuralgia can have a negative impact on the development and life of the child. Therefore, when symptoms of neuralgia in the child, it is necessary to immediately contact the doctor.


Neuralgia consequences depend on age of the patient.

Consequences of Neuralgia in adults:

Consequences of Neuralgia in Children:


Diagnosis of neuralgia consists of several steps - examination, collection of anamnesis, study of medical history, laboratory tests (clinical tests of urine and blood, biochemical blood analysis), instrumental diagnosis.

Instrumental diagnosis of neuralgia may include:

Along with these examinations, other types of diagnostics may also be prescribed if the doctor deems it necessary.


Treatment of neuralgia can be started only after the diagnosis has been confirmed. It should be aimed not only at eliminating the symptoms of peripheral nerve damage, but also at combating the underlying disease (in the secondary type). For primary pain, it can be treated with an injection of anesthetic (most commonly, novocaine is used) and B vitamins. But if we are talking about the treatment of neuralgia in children, allergics, and patients with secondary neuralgia or people who for some reason do not accept drug therapy or it did not help them, modern medicine uses physiotherapy and massage.

Treatment of neuralgia at the Center for Brain Stimulation is carried out by non-medicinal methods, without surgery, on high-quality physiotherapy equipment from the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment, unique in Ukraine.

Preventive Measures

The prevention of neuralgia is not particularly specific. Among the tips:

Which doctor does treat neuralgia?

Are you wondering, «Which doctor does treat neuralgia?» - If you have this problem, you will need a consultation with a neurologist. Also, you may be referred for additional consultations to a Massage Therapist, Rehabilitation and Strengthening Exercise Therapist, Radiologist. Treatment of neuralgia offers the Centre for Brain Stimulation. Contact us, you will get effective help without surgery, without medication therapy (if possible), using the most modern equipment unique in Ukraine and the latest proven treatment protocols.

Q & A

How long can neuralgia last?

The nature and duration of an attack depends on the location of the problem. In trigeminal neuralgia, the pain lasts from 3-4 seconds to 2 minutes, reaching up to 40 paroxysms per day. When the pathology of the pterygoid node occurs, episodes of neuralgia last from 2-3 hours to two weeks. The pain is cured by painkillers, surgical methods, as well as methods of physical therapy.

What medications should I take for neuralgia?

Medication treatment for neuralgia involves the use of hormones, pain relief injections or B vitamins, as well as taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and prescribing muscle relaxants. Massages and physical therapy, including phonophoresis, will help people who are resistant to medications, as well as allergic people and children. Physical therapy significantly complements and enhances the treatment of neuralgia, neuropathy.

What is the reason of occurrence of neuralgia in infants?

Neuralgia in newborns may be caused by a congenital anomaly and birth trauma, oxygen starvation during pregnancy, low hemoglobin of the mother, problematic deliveries, hypothermia, infection, etc. For timely diagnosis of the disease, consultation with a pediatric neurologist is necessary.

How do I know if I have neuralgia?

The symptoms of neuralgia include intense attacks of pain, which may be accompanied by vegetovascular disorders: redness of the skin, tears. A comprehensive diagnosis will help to distinguish these signs from other diseases. At the first clinical manifestations should consult a neurologist.

How to relieve an attack of neuralgia?

It is possible to cure an attack of neuralgia by injecting painkillers. Myorelaxants, local medications, NSAIDs also help relieve an attack. More effective is a complex treatment enhanced by methods of hardware therapy (laser therapy, magnetic therapy, electrotherapy).



Сертифікат Буньковський Євген Петрович

Certificate Bunkovsky Evgeny Petrovich

Сертифікат Ворошилов Євген Олександрович

Certificate Voroshilov Evgeny Alexandrovich

Сертифікат Паламарчук Сергій Андрійович

Certificate Palamarchuk Sergey Andreevich

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Certificate Selezneva Olga Ivanovna

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Certificate Stetsenko Tatiana Ivanovna

Сертифікат Василенко Михайло Васильович

Certificate Vasilenko Mikhail Vasilievich


Анастасия 27.10.2021



У отца на фоне возрастных изменений началась блуждающая невралгия, которая лишила нормального качества жизни. Нарушилась речь, стало трудно глотать, жевать и т.д. В центре стимуляции мозга, отец начал получать физиотерапевтическое лечение, массаж, ЛФК. Массаж ему делал Василенко Михаил Васильевич, после сеанса становилось намного легче. Отец продолжает наблюдаться у невролога в ЦСМ.

Анна 13.09.2021



Я з дитиною була на консультації у дитячого невролога Козубенко Ольги Геннадіївна, дуже сподобався лікар. Дитина не соромилася, змогла пояснити, що його турбує. Після дослідження, виявилася невралгія, наслідки раніше перенесеної хвороби. Доктор призначила курс масажу і фізіотерапію. Дитина здорова, спасибі!

Віктор Осипов 20.07.2021



Поряд з медикаментозним лікуванням невралгії міжреберних нервів, допомагав боротися з недугою реабілітолог Паламарчук Сергій Андрійович. Його масажі дуже здорово допомагали.

Анатолій Олександрович 02.07.2021



У центрі стимуляції мозку мені допомогли позбутися невралгії. Встановили діагноз, призначили медикаментозне лікування і масажі. Порадили вести здоровий спосіб життя.

Екатерина 19.05.2021



Вожу ребенка к неврологу Татьяне Ивановне Стеценко, она смогла установить причину внезапных резких болей в затылочной области - невралгия. Лечение было назначено в соответствии с возрастом и тем, что ребенок аллергик. очень благодарна, все ребенка больше боль не беспокоит.

Юлия Разговорова 09.04.2021



Очень досаждала мне невралгия в конце третьего триместра беременности, врачи центра Стимуляции Мозга,настоятельно рекомендовали лечь в стационар. Чтобы не было никаких последствий для меня и ребенка я провела там последние две недели под наблюдением врачей. Закончилось все хорошо я и малышка здоровы.

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