Addresses of the Clinics

13 B, Vasylia Poryka Prospect, Kyiv (On the map )

г. Киев, ул. Большая Васильковская, 66, стоматология (On the map )

19 Stryiska Street, Skole (opening soon) (On the map)

5 Meitusa Kopozytora Street, Kyiv (On the map)

37 A Haharina Street, Bila Tserkva (On the map)


+38 (044) 364-20-04 +38 (093) 170-16-59

Monday-Sunday 08:30 - 20:00

+38 (067) 761-63-44 (Стоматология)

Пн.-Сб. 9:00-19:00, Вс. 9:00-18:00


  • Doctors Consultations

    • Neurologist Consultation

      The Neurologist treats nervous system disorders: nerve fibrils, brain and spinal cord.

    • Child Psychiatrist Consultation

      Psychoterapeutic work with children and their parents; children assessment for specialized child-care centers.

    • Speech and Language Therapiest Consultation

      Formation and correction of phonetic, lexical, grammar and pragmatic language.

    • Psychologist Consultation

      Child Psychologist helps the child to deal with the occurred psychological difficulties, establish contact between the child and adult.

    • Consultation of Reflexologist

      Child Reflexologist treats child's diseases using reflex and mechanical effects on the pressure points.

    • Physiatrist Consultation

      Experienced Physiatrist chooses the best methods of physiotherapy for the treatment and rehabilitation of the children and adults.

  • Neuro-Developmental Treatment

    • TLP online

      An audiotherapy for brain training and neural connections enhancement aiming development of abilities to learn, communication and information processing.

    • Speech Development Correction

      Modern methods of correction delay in speech development.

    • Cerebellar Stimulation

      A training program aimed to improve the function of brainstem and cerebellum. It boosts working capacity and speed of information processing.

    • Reflexotherapy

      It is a modern method of influence on bioactive acupoints, improves memory and attention, enhances progress in study.

  • Instrumental Methods and Programs

    • ForBrain

      Enables the training of auditory processing, improves speech fluency pronunciation.

    • Balance-Master

      It is a program for evaluation and training of balance, motor coordination, and muscle management.

    • Bioacoustic Correction

      It is a modern method of therapy with a wide range of applications including functional disorders of the central nervous system (CNS). The method consists of the latest methods for brain functionality training, biofeedback and audiotherapy.

    • Interactive Metronome

      It is an innovative computer program aimed at challenging thinking and movement simultaneously, helping to synchronize the body's internal clock.

    • InTime

      It is an audio therapy method focused on challenging sense of rhythm, social skills, thinking and movement simultaneously.

    • Fast ForWord

      The program is used for formation of verbal skills, as well as boosting of auditory and information processing.

    • Timocco

      The method is aimed at building  motor and cognitive skills, including bilateral coordination, attention,  body control and communication.

    • Tomatis Method

      It is a form of sound and listening therapy  that improves audio signals perception and processing by the brain.

    • Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

      Using this therapy method enables point effect the problem areas of CNS due to the application of a weak direct electrical current scalp.

  • Physical Rehabilitation

    • Bobath Therapy

      The method is indicated for motormental retardation, cerebellar disorders, dyskinetic syndrome and congenital brain anomalies with concomitant motor dysfunction.

    • Logopedic Massage

      Manual and instrumental effect on facial muscles and speech organs.

    • Logo Rhythmic

      Method is aimed at solving the problems associated with the acoustic, speech and coordination skills.

    • Sandakov Method Massage

      Is a reflex action aimed to stimulate and develop righting reflexes, helps children with special needs to form individual motor skills and genuine movement pattern.

  • Physiotherapy

    • Biostimulation

      It is an instrumental influence on skin, muscle, fat and connective tissues in cosmetological, stomatologic and trichologic problems during rehabilitation for weight reduction, ulcers healing and other pathological conditions.

    • High Intensity Laser Therapy

      It is a painless influence on inflammation source, improves the functionality of cartilage and muscular tissues, nerve endings and blood vessels.

    • High Frequency Magnetic Therapy

      A therapeutic effect includes: pain management, accelerated fracture healing, muscle relaxation, joint mobility elevation, as well as overall health improvement.

    • Laser Acupuncture

      It is a non-invasive effect on bioactive points of laser rays, helps to manage chronic pain syndrome.

    • Laserpuncture

      A laserpuncture is used in neurology, dermatology, orthopedic surgery and sports medicine, as well as for the treatment of locomotorium diseases, post surgery and post injury rehabilitation.

    • Laser Therapy

      It is a method of physiotherapeutic health effect that is based on the action of concentrated light beam.

    • Focused Contact Diathermy – TR-Therapy

      This is the effect on human tissue of high-frequency electromagnetic energy, which causes deep warming of tissues and blood flow to the affected area.

    • Low Frequency Magnetic Therapy

      Because of the effect of low frequency electromagnetic field it is seen as vasodilation, decreased blood viscosity improving gas exchange and improves blood circulation, optimizes reparative and regenerative processes.

    • Post Pneumonia Rehabilitation Programs in Kyiv

      This is the best way to rehabilitate quickly and effectively respiratory function after serious illness.

    • Shockwave Therapy

      It is a non-invasive effect of acoustic shock waves enhances blood circulation and activates reactivation processes in tissues, reduces pain and edema. It is used in pain management of musulosceletal system as well as for the treatment of urogenital system in men.

    • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

      This method of therapy is recommended in locomotor disorders, cardiovascular, nervous, reproductive and urinary systems as well as post-injury and surgery rehabilitation.

  • Oxygen Therapy

    • Diving Chamber

      A hyperbaric chamber improves functionality of the cardiovascular system by changing blood gas composition. It is used for hyperbaric and hypobaric oxygenation during barotherapy.

    • Oxygen Therapy

      It helps to reduce hypoxia, to oxygenate the skin and organism and balance the functionality of organs and systems.

  • Other Services

    • Art Therapy

      An art therapy is a specific form of psychological therapy built on the arts particularly figurative and creative activity.

  • Diagnostics

    • ADI-R - Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised

      ADI-R is modern diagnostic tool in the form of a detailed questionnaire-interview, the results of which allow identifying signs of autism or ASD even with minimal suspicion.

    • ADOS Test

      Modern instrument for diagnosing and assessing autism 

    • CONNERS -3 Test

      This is a set of scales to diagnose ADHD and common co-occurring behavioral disorders occurring at the age of 6-16.

    • Autism Diagnostics PEP-3

      Provides an assessment of a set of unevenly presented strengths and learning weaknesses of the child characteristic of ASD and related developmental disabilities.

    • MOXO Test

      Advanced CPT Test allowing ADHD detection to the 90 % 

    • LEITER – 3 Test

      Test LEITER – 3 helps to evaluate nonverbal cognitive, attentional, and neuropsychological abilities

    • Autism Spectrum Disorder Early Detection

      Autistim Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a group of different neurodevelopmental disorders that cause problems in the emotional and communicative sphere.

    • Wechsler Test

      Method was designed to measure intelligence and cognitive ability in adults and older adolescents.

    • Electroencephalogram (EEG)

      24-hour EEG monitoring is used for differential diagnostics of paroxysmal conditions.